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Our Process
We first understand your organization's overall structure, mission statement and long-term goals. From our initial consultation we develop a working company-Profile of your organization.
After the analysis has been finalized we summarize our understanding of your staffing needs and how we can provide a strategic solution. This will give a listing of the job vacancies, factors related to the position, and a full position description describing scope of job duties.
Utilizing company provided information a team comprised of a Process Engineer, Project Manager, Sourcing Manager, and recruiter develop a Recruitment plan that can be implemented to identify, contact, and interview "Interested and Qualified" candidates.
The next step is in our process is to begin targeting those companies with the Top Talent. A "Prospect Book” is developed to target those companies and candidates. These candidates are highly qualified and would be ideal fits in your corporate culture. Additionally we utilize a vast referral network of professionals and industry professionals that will identify a wealth of quality candidates. From this activity a list of "Interested and Qualified candidates is formulated.
Through initial phone behavioral interviews, we analyze compatibility between the candidate and the position, we then determine if the candidate is a good fit. If he or she is a good fit, they are then moved ahead for further consideration, if they don't meet all qualifications they are removed from the candidate listing. As an additional step to ensure client – candidate success the Project manager will again review the candidate's resume and profile to ensure perfect client-candidate matching.
McCuin Pierce will deliver candidates for your analysis. For each position we will typically deliver three (3) interested and qualified candidates for your review and subsequent face to face interviewing.
Candidates are then interviewed by your Management team. This might consist of one person, a committee, or several people. (we recommend that a detailed interview agenda be given to the candidate prior to the interview date and if the interview process will consist of all day sessions with management, we recommend that breaks be given to the candidate to allow for rest periods and lunch).
Candidate is presented official job offer and accepts. Thirty days after candidate has started job we will follow up with you to gather feedback on candidate's progress and overall satisfaction with level of work. This will occur again at 6 months and 1 year. This allows for valuable feedback from our clients on the recruitment process and any areas we can improve upon.
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